On this blog I will be documenting progress on the children’s sculpture project at Ashley Down Infant School. Year 1 children with will be working with sculptor Pete Moorhouse to create a new sculpture for the school play ground.

The project will start in February and I will be showing a selection of the children’s explorations, developing work and emerging designs.

I am really looking forward to working with the children –  encouraging their creativity and to see what ideas and designs evolve.

As this is a blog site the most recent entry appears first so scroll down to get an overview of previous work.

There are also lots of links to Flickr pages where there are many more images. These are viewed best using the slide show function on the Flickr page

Pete Moorhouse

If you are interested to see some of my work please visit:



Installation 15-17-10


The sculpture finally arrives in the playground!

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Examples of creative writing inspired by our sculpture

In a castle

There lived a rascal

And the castle and the rascal had a parcel

In the parcel was a tower

and in the tower was an hour

The hour and the tower were friends       Flo (6)

Once there was an adventurer. He’s likes Dr Who. He travels through time and space and he doesn’t have a tardis but he does have a time machine and one day the adventurer lost control of the time machine. And the time machine came to this strange place. It had a sculpture in the middle of nowhere. He tried climbing up. When he got to the top there was a castle. The sculpture went to the sun. When he got in the castle there was a party too. He lived happily ever after.  Jack (6)

At  the top of my big playground there is a sculpture with a castle that’s at the top and no one could get into the castle at there very top because the key was hanging down. There was a ladder that only brave and strong people can climb. Inside there was a princess, king and queen but they were looking for a prince. Whoever got to the top of the castle would win the princesses’ hand. Willow (6)

At Ashley Down we have a sculpture that has just been made that we had spent a lot of time to design it and it is very tall. Ella(6)

The sculpture has a key and an apple on top of it. The ladder has a spider and a bee and some numbers. When I look at it I feel happy. Nellie (6)

Tall, shiny, stretchy, abstract, bendy,colourful, long, big, unscary, nice, silvery Oscar (6)

At the top of my school play ground there is a massive sculpture. It has a long stem and branches and lots of things like numbers and things like that on it. On Friday when I came into school I was amazed to see this sculpture it was an amazing sight. Lots of children ran over to play with the sculpture it was so fun. After school me and my friend Ella played with the sculpture and then I went home and had my tea and went to bed. Makenzie(6)

Final design emerges

The design group met to try and bring together the many ideas and narrow them down to a final design – not an easy task with so many wonderful ideas emerging.

The final design is a tree house – or actually a tree castle – nestled in a tree with abstract branches. The abstract shapes evolved from the various exercises including forms from the wooden sculptures. There are many more images and details  included that are hard to see in this small card maquette so you have to wait a few weeks now until the fabrication is complete!

Exploring design ideas in card 17-03-10

This week we worked in card again working  in small groups and tried to incorporate many of our “design ideas”  from previous learning.

Exploring and sketching final design ideas 10-03-10

This week we discussed our design considerations; such as audience, viewpoints, health and safety issues. The need to be durable and we then explored material options.  Then we went on to think about design elements we’d like to see in the final design.

Some of the elements we wanted to see included – images of learning – books, numbers etc;  Friendship-working together. Ashley Down as a welcoming school.  Keen to have a combination of abstract and real parts.  Below is just a small selection of  some of their sketches:

Making Wooden Sculptures 24-02-10

We experimented by making small wooden sculptures using off cuts. We explored sculptural form arranging the various pieces and learnt some basic woodworking skills. Half of the class worked on these today and the other half had previously made their creations – see the earlier post below.

To see all the images from this day’s session check out the links….

Ms Collins Class

The process:


The Artworks!


Ms Cunninghams Class

The process:


The Artworks:


Note in an earlier post there are images of our previous wooden sculpture session – scroll below

Exploring Abstract work

We explored abstract shapes…

To see more abstract exploration follow the link


Exploring Figurative work

We looked at the figure, did some drawing exercises to work on our observation and then looked at postures and did some collages with the them.

Can you guess who this is?!


and our silhouette collages